Some people dismiss water as a threat to their homes, especially if they don’t live by a large body of water. However, if you get a heavy enough rain, even a flood of a few inches can cause a lot of damage. There are a few ways you can reduce your risk of injury and damage to your belongings.

Flood Preparation

If you prepare yourself and your home as well as possible before the flood, you can lower the chance that you’ll need a water damage repair company in Saratoga Springs, NY. First, make sure water has a way out of your basement, whether that’s a drainage hole or a sump pump. Both should be maintained and free of clogs. You can also raise the items in your basement onto slats or shelves so that if you only get a little bit of water, nothing is sitting on the floor to get damaged. Keep important documents throughout your house in waterproof containers. When preparing for larger floods, make sure you have an emergency kit and that you know your flood evacuation routes. Be ready so that you can leave as soon as you get a flood warning.

Flood Safety

If you are in your home during a flood, shut off the electricity at the circuit breakers as soon as possible. If someone is trapped in flood water, use a flotation device to get them out if possible and call 911. If you are outside, never try to walk through water more than six inches high, or you risk being swept away. If you’re driving, don’t try to drive through more than two feet of water for the same reason. Wherever you are, follow recommended evacuation routes or get to high ground as soon as possible, staying away from power lines, electrical wires, and other hazards like uneven terrain. If you are told that you should evacuate, do so as soon as possible along with your family and pets. Don’t try to bring all your belongings. Hopefully some can be salvaged later. Your lives are more important.

Flood Cleanup

A company specializing in water damage repair in Saratoga Springs, NY, can help you assess the damage and restore as much as possible. Whether or not you hire professionals, remember that flooded areas are dangerous and extreme caution should be used.