When most people think of water damage, they think of floods, hurricanes or a water main break. However, there are other events that may cause unexpected water damage. For example, when a fire department responds to a fire, the property owner may be surprised by the amount of damage that occurs with the water used to put out the fire. Water damage can also occur over time. A slow leak can lead to mold and structural damage even before it’s noticed. If you have water damage, you may want to seek help, and your first step may be to contact the insurance company.

Check your Insurance

In some cases, your insurance may help you pay for water damage cleanup. This can make it easier to deal with the problem, especially if the insurance will pick up the tab for a water damage restoration service in Saratoga Springs, NY. A professional company will be able to do the job better and, in less time, than it would take you to do it. In order to you know if your insurance will cover it, you will first need to determine the source of the damage.

Find the Source

If the source of the water is easy to name, like flooding or a broken water main, this is an easy step. However, if the source isn’t readily evident, it’s important to find out what is causing the damage. Cleaning up the results of water damage without stopping the water won’t do you any good. This may mean that you’ll have to remove building materials to locate the source.

Go Beyond Visual Inspection

Just looking at the area where the water damage is happening isn’t enough. Some professional companies will employ sophisticated machinery that can identify humid spots and pinpoint the location of a leak and the areas it affects. This is handy if you can’t move items like cupboards or don’t want to destroy the drywall. Once the source of the water is identified it can be repaired so that it will no longer be a problem.

Mold Damage Remediation Cleanup

Dry and Dehumidify

Once the source has been identified and repaired, the entire affected area needs to be dried and dehumidified. Removing all of the moisture is important to avoiding the proliferation of mold or further structural damage. Towels, fans and other equipment may be necessary to ensure the area gets completely dry.

Identify and Remove Mold

If there seems to be mold in the area, it’s important to have it tested by a third party. There’s no reason to pay for remediation if you don’t actually have a mold problem. If the test identifies the mold, further work will need to be done by qualified individuals to protect you, your family and your property.

Replace, Deodorize, Return to Normal

Once everything has been thoroughly dried out and cleaned, your home can be returned to its normal state. Pipes can be walled off, soft items like couches can be cleaned and deodorized, and rugs and furniture can be returned to their original spots. This type of restoration project isn’t for everyone. If you’re facing water damage cleanup in Saratoga Springs, NY, contact the professionals at Certified Water, Smoke & Fire to make sure the job gets done the right way.