Hurricanes often happen from June 1 through November 30. As far as natural disasters go, they give some warning about where they’re going and when they will get there. However, the fact that hurricanes are a little more predictable than other catastrophes doesn’t mean you should be any less prepared. It’s highly encouraged that everyone follows these simple steps to getting ready for the next hurricane and other disasters.

Make a Plan

Be sure that everyone in your family knows what the plan is and then follow it. If an evacuation is ordered, be ready to clear out and know where you’re headed. Be sure that everyone knows who to contact if local communications go dark you may be able to get a call out of the city or state more easily than a local call. Be sure to know where you’ll be sheltering if the alarm is sounded while separated.

Grab a Go Bag

Preparing a bag now will save you the problems of having to put something together in an emergency. While a thumb drive with backup data is vital as long as you remember to back it up every month or so, there are other essentials you should bring:

  • Food
  • Extra clothes
  • Flashlights
  • Weather radio
  • Extra batteries
  • Water

Be prepared for 7 to 10 days.

Stay Informed

Don’t just rely on social media to be informed about a disaster. Make sure to listen to local radio and television. They will feature the Emergency Alert System and keep you up to date about recommendations. You won’t have to worry about verifying the information or falling for an elaborate prank.

After a hurricane, you might need a company that does water damage restoration in NY. Research your options beforehand, so that you can choose the right company and be the first to schedule repair and restoration work at your place of residence if you experience damage.