One major component of handling water damage clean up working with the insurance company. You purchase insurance to protect you in this type of situation, but you may be unsure how to follow the correct procedure to help your insurance company get the information they need to pay for your damages. These tips will help put you on the right path for filing your insurance claim.

Secure Your Property

The first task that you need to handle is securing your property, and ensuring that no additional damage will be done. This stage may mean that your property needs to be boarded or tarped up, the water supply needs to be turned off, and so on. However, you don’t want to do any cleaning up or throwing away at this point. You need to keep the scene intact for your insurance company as much as possible.

Proof of Water Damage

Next, you’ll need to supply your insurance company with evidence of the damage. This stage means that you need to record the loss through videos and pictures. Be careful not to disturb the damage as you make a note of it all.

Go Over Your Insurance Policy

You’ll want to review your current homeowner’s insurance policy to determine whether or not the water damage you sustained is covered by your plan. Not all insurance policies include the same things, so you’ll want to read your insurance documentation. Speaking with your insurance agent or representative will also help you in determining your coverage.

Inventory Possessions

You will need to make an inventory of all your damaged items for your insurance claim.  For large or expensive items, a record of the approximate date purchased and purchase price may be requested by your adjuster.

Follow Insurance Policy Protocols

Once you initiate a claim, your insurance company will typically send out an adjuster that will evaluate your property, and the damage sustained. Because time is of the essence with water claims, your insurance company may suggest you contact a professional water mitigation company and have them get started prior to their sending an adjuster.  Water damage cleanup professionals will often contact your insurance company while on site, providing photos, damage description and current atmospheric conditions.

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