The very name ‘mold’ may bring to mind a few distinct images, like a green loaf of bread or black spots on a wall. And while people know that mold is dangerous, and that bleach for some reason is a common treatment for mold, few people know exactly what mold is, why it’s harmful, and what exactly to do when mold infects areas of your house.

Professional mold removal in Saratoga Springs, NY, is an intensive process, and a professional team will know just how to spot, treat, and repair areas that mold has affected. But mold removal is tough work; after all, it’s a living creature. Here’s what you need to know about mysterious, widespread fungi known as mold.


Mold is a living organism. It eats, reproduces, and grows. It belongs to the kingdom Fungi, which includes mushrooms and yeast. There are thousands of different types of mold, each of which looks different, has different effects, and occurs in different places. For the most part, mold needs a food source, moisture, oxygen, and shade in order to flourish.

What It Eats

Mold breaks down food using enzymes, which it can then absorb a bit at a time. This has a common effect of softening a surface. A piece of moldy fruit, moldy roof shingles, and moldy wooden products will get soft from the mold’s enzymes, which break down the surface and affect its integrity.

Mold can eat many of the structural and decorative materials in your home, including drywall, fabrics, wood-based structures, and so much more. Residential mold removal teams can spot moldy areas and use specialized treatment techniques to eliminate mold.

Why It’s Dangerous

Beyond the fact that mold can actually break down your home and many of your possessions, mold is also immediately dangerous to your health. While some types of mold, including penicillin, are actually helpful to humans, others can trigger asthma attacks or allergies. Some types of mold are even carcinogenic, like aspergillus.

If you’ve found mold in your home, or have experienced water damage for any reason, contact professional¬†mold removal in Saratoga Springs, NY. A professional team can assess the damage and safely eliminate any mold they locate.